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Stay Dry Roofing Services are an experienced team of roofers and have worked installing and repairing all types of roofing products.

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Covering London within a 30 mile radius of central London

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About Us

Over the years we have seen many changes to the products and we have always ensured that we have kept up to date.

We offer all roofing upgrades, roofing upgrades and roofing services. 

Our Roofers are able to install, replace or repair all types of roofs.

 This includes tiled, lead or flat roofs.

We install Fascias, Soffits and Gutters.

We are also tiled roof specialists using slates, plain tiles, peg tiles.

All flat roof installation is completed using high performance using felt systems (or a system of your choice), for a high quality finish. 

All our roofing work is guaranteed, based on a written estimate prior to work commencing and we are insurance company approved. As roofers, we take Health and Safety seriously for the safety of both our workers and our clients.

Our Services...

Our hard-wearing, low maintenance UPVc fascia boards are designed for direct fixing to rafters. Our fascia board is the perfect product for new homes or for replacing old fascias.

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Gutters are used to direct rain water from your roof into the downpipes and drains.  Gutters provide a functional and protective aspect, by directing the rain water away, they protect your roof, brickwork, siding and the foundations of your home.

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Although we do mortar repairs on the verges and ridges of your roof, we also upgrade them to dry fixed verges and ridges.

Dry Roofing has more advantages than the mortar fixings as it is extremely durable and little maintenance is required.

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There are three main types of flat roofing:




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We undertake all types of roof repairs, from tile replacement to installation of a complete roof.

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Chimneys shouldn't be neglected, they are at the highest point of a roof and have to combat all weathers.

The mortar between the brickwork does crack and crumble with adverse weather (rain and wind), this loosens the mortar and the chimney can become unstable.  Should the brickwork become loose there is a danger that the chimney may collapse and damage the roof or fall onto parked cars or passers by.  A quick inspection is all that is necessary to avoid any further problems and re-pointing is often all that is required to stabilize the chimney.

Stay Dry Roofing Services

Water Drainage Repairs

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